care is a first of a kind animal healthcare management system specifically designed and implemented to support veterinary professionals. This is a product driven to transform the animal healthcare industry and revolutionises workflow, design & ease-of-use. Designed by veterinarians, care caters to the specific needs of Veterinary practices.

Appointments Management

It is estimated that about 97% of pet parents are frustrated with wait times. What’s worse is that pets get anxious, howl or bark. care understands the difficulty of veterinary clinics dealing with this influx and provides an optimised way to queue their patients more efficiently and accurately.

Vitals report

Vital information of a patient is critical and determines their immediate state of health. care allows a veterinarian to easily make note of this critical information and notifies them when there’s a deviation from its normal range.

Intuitive Examination

Understanding how painful documentation can be, care’s intuitive interface assists a veterinarian in examining the patient in a relevant and definitive manner. With our veterinary-assisted format, documenting patients’ visits will become second in nature

Reports consolidation

care’s digital repository securely stores every patient’s reports, lab & imaging tests, which is chronologically consolidated by us. This data helps veterinarians with diagnosing their patient’s illnesses more effectively.

Automated billing

It can be frustrating when a receptionist bills inaccurately for services availed from the veterinary clinic. care helps veterinary clinics avoid this by generating accurate invoices based on varied procedures & inventory consumption to justify the veterinarians’ attention on their patients, while the business runs on auto-pilot.

Personalised Accountant

care automates the workflow between the veterinarian & the receptionist for accurate billing. The smart financial reporting calls out the veterinary clinics’ billing, collection, outstanding, and overall inventory consumption that assists in expanding the business based on real-time data.

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