Executive Dashboard

care presents a simple overview of appointments, repeat customers, inventory consumption & financials for each doctor in a clinic. Our analytics drives easy action items for a veterinary clinic to chase higher revenue and better inventory management

Patient Workflow Management

Maintaining records of a patient was never so easy. Easily view each patient’s appointment history, personal details, clinical notes, and purchase history.

care is designed to easily and efficiently document all patients’ visits. Enabling to visually mark & note the problem after examination reduces a considerable amount of consultation time.

care is committed to ensure that patients receive regular Preventive care. We send SMS & push notifications to their pet parents & remind them to make regular visits to the clinic.

Smart Financials

care generates professional invoices for every patient’s visit based on the treatment plan given by you. To conduct business better, care provides a real-time report of all outstanding payments and total collections.

Integrated Inventory

care integrates a clinic’s inventory to provide accurate information on total & expired stock. With real-time generated reports, know exactly where each item’s stock is being used.

Personalised Calendar

care schedules appointments, queues walk-ins or sends reminders for a patient’s next round of preventive care, all from one place.

care provides a high level overview of veterinary clinic’s appointments for the week. This gives the ability to understand no-shows and rescheduled appointments across categories created like walk- ins, preventive reminders, follow ups, surgeries & scheduled appointments

care gives a decluttered view of all events with colour coding integrated across all doctors within the clinic.

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